Women And Children First, On This Jakarta Motorcycle Service

Celine Asril

Sister Ojek

Jakarta is notorious for its traffic jams and was ranked the world’s most congested city in 2015. Ojeks (motorcycle taxis in Bahasa Indonesia) have traditionally been a popular and faster alternative for locals because of their ability to weave in and out of heavy traffic. 

While mobile-based transport apps like Go-Jek and GrabBike have emerged in recent years, traditional service providers have faced criticism for dangerous drivers, harassment and safety issues, as well as lack of transparency in pricing.

In particular, motorcycle transport services are often thought to neglect safety and tend to be unfriendly to women. The inspired the founders [of Sister Ojek] to find an alternative to provide safe transportation to women and children.

The mobile-based transport app was started by women for women and offers a secure transport option catering exclusively to females.

Known as ‘Ojek Perempuan’ in Bahasa Indonesia, the Jakarta-based motorcycle transport service provides a safe option for women and children by hiring only licensed or licensed-equivalent female drivers above 18 years of age (usually students, housewives and female heads of household) and charging transparent and reasonable prices through an argometer.

Sister Ojek 2

For their 50-strong female driver community, the company aims to provide the marginalized women with opportunities to become self-reliant, build economic solidarity, and security. The drivers only operate between sunrise and sunset, 6am to 6pm.

The ojek (“motorcycle” in Bahasa Indonesia) service was launched in May 2015 in South Tangerang, Banten with a start-up capital of USD100. The service is now run and promoted via social media and phone messaging apps.

A trip for individual passengers starts at Rp 3,700 (USD0.28), with additional Rp 1,000 (USD0.08) per subsequent km and Rp 200 (USD0.02) per minute of waiting.

For more than two persons (excluding driver) on the ojek, the trip starts at Rp 25,000 (USD1.86) per ride or up to 5km. The routes and distances are calculated using Google Earth and Google Maps. Depending on the demand, the average monthly income for each Sister Ojek driver can come up to Rp 1,350,000 (USD101).

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