Ryde Is Changing The Way We Commute

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What if your next ride could help save the earth and maybe make you a new a friend? RYDE is injecting fun into the daily commute and grooving to the tunes of a greener, cleaner environment.

If cars were operating as commercial airlines, they would have gone bust a long time ago! Take a look at the number of empty seats in every single car that whizzes you by and you get my point. From 2 seaters’ beauties to caravans that could easily fit a family of 6 - there is only 1 driver and plenty of space.

On top of that, the driver bears the cost for the fuel and for every empty seat that could have been filled up - someone out there is getting a car instead. This means more cars on the streets, more congestion and more fumes being released.

But not to worry because this is where they come in.

Changing the way we drive

RYDE is a carpooling app that aims to reduce carbon emissions

RYDE seeks to be the Airbnb of transportation. The social enterprise that aims to change the way we drive through carpooling by matching  drivers and riders on an on-demand basis to optimize our underutilized cars and drive it back to profitability. With that, RYDE reduces our impact on the environment and make a chore that would otherwise be deemed rather ‘lonely’ into one filled with fun, laughter and joy!

So, how much can carpooling help to reduce our own personal carbon footprint?

If you were to carpool for a year, you could save a whopping 2500 kg of carbon emissions being released into the environment. That’s massive!  Multiply that by the global population and we could save dear old mother nature from coughing her lungs out.

“Through carpooling, we reduce our carbon footprint. Some people may consider giving up driving eventually — I think we have come to a point where people do care about a more sustainable option forward.”
- Terence Zou, Founder (RYDE)

Reversing the trend

Aside, they also like to do their part and grow the sharing economy by creating meaningful connections between drivers and riders. By listing your main interests on your profile, you can find and ride with those whom you share a common interest with. Who knows! You might find a new golf buddy or a fellow shopaholic to head off to the malls with!

Just take some of the experiences below shared by our riders and drivers:

'Humans of RYDE'

"I love to shop and am always on the lookout for new finds, so it was really great that the driver I carpooled with loved to shop as well (P.S: he’s a guy and he knew more about blogshops than I do!) But I am really thankful for his recommendations and have since gotten new outfits based on his friendly tips :)" 

- Nadia, Rider

Du Wei shares his experiences as a driver with RYDE in Singapore

  "As the saying goes "life is a box of chocolates" and carpooling is a way to truly experience it! By meeting new riders, I get attuned to the latest fashion trends and learn which movies to avoid. Among them, I even received dating tips from girls telling me how to catch their attention!" -  Du Wei, Driver 

Carpooling has more of a social element says Amy, a driver with Ryde

 "When I first heard about RYDE - I thought it was similar to Uber but it turned out to be totally different! Carpooling has more of a social element embedded into it where you actively engage with the driver in a lively conversation. It’s like making a new friend."

- Amy, Driver

Humans are inherently social creatures, but in a world where 'phubbing' (snubbing someone in favour of your phone) is all to real and mobile phones are creating greater isolation - RYDE is reversing the trend and using mobile to create communities and to build real interactions.

Safety first & fuss free

RYDE verifies all driver and rider profiles to ensure safety

RYDE always adopts a safety first approach by verifying the profiles of both their drivers and riders and logging the trips onto their system, thus ensuring a stress-free and fun ride!

In addition, to make the ride as fuss free as possible, we have partnered up with DBS to offer DBS Paylah! for both our riders and drivers. So instead of fumbling for change, they can transfer the cost of the trip more effectively with just their mobile numbers.

At the end of it - nothing beats meeting a new coffee partner and going green at the same time!

So let’s start to change the way we drive and download the RYDE app today!

RYDE is available for download on Google Play and iTunes.

Find out more at www.rydesharing.com

Interested in socially conscious living in Asia? Check out Asia For Good's social enterprise directory.


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